Korkowa adwokatska kancelaria

Korkowa adwokatska kancelaria

Korkowa adwokatska kancelaria

The interior of the new seat for a renowned advocate‘s office in Žilina was composed by transforming the firm’s visual identity into a standardised industrial interior.

The architect faced the difficult challange of creating a stylish advocate‘s office with fresh and modern design in a space characterised by dullness . Challanges posed by the building such as the lack of natural light in the central zone and insufficient acoustics contributed to the eventual unconventional use of natural materials in contrast with a raw structural frame.

An unusual cork interior with a chill-out-zone was realized thanks to the experience from the previous collaboration with the investor, carpenter and the furniture supplier.

While creating the interior an emphasis was put on atypical working spaces surrounded by the original concrete structure. The entire cooperation with the investor was executed in the spirit of slow design.

  • Rok : 2021
  • Miasto : Żilina SR
  • Inwestor : Karko Advokati
  • Współpraca : NOVA Interier, DOMARK, Lightech