The oldest pilgrimage site in Slovakia, the Sacred Valley in Marianka, contains, apart from the basilica minor and a retreat house, several objects of devotion. Namely, a Calvary in the beech forest, baroque chapels of the Six Joys of the Virgin, an  Our Lady of Lourdes Cave and a stream of sacred water located beside a small chapel.


Our Lady of Lourdes cave was subject to a conservative restoration with minimal interference to the existing mass, as it is located on a listed site. This space is used for larger worship celebrations in the natural environment. To this end, the stage was extended to shelter both the sacred worship as well as musicians and celebrants under a demountable marquise in case of bad weather. A larger area of ​​concrete has been prepared for votive tables in various languages, which were until now glued on the walls of the chapel without any order.


The stream of the Sacred well is a protected water source, however, its surroundings were neglected for a long time. The renovation proposal respects the dominant role of the Chapel of the Holy Well and the sculptures of the hermits st. Paul and St. Anton made by the workshop of Georg Rafael Donner. It also adds new functional uses to the chapel, creating a sacred space in a natural environment.

The renovation restores the sacral character of visitors coming to collect the water by situating a relief of the Virgin Mary of Mariatál on the wall by the stream and by the cultivation of the surroundings.

  • Year : 2018
  • Client : Roman Catholic Church - Marianka Parish Office
  • In collaboration with : o.Marek Vadrna, o.Tomasz Prajzendanc, PhDr. Ivo Štassel, Ing. M. Kopačka, Ing.Vladimír Kohut, Ing.arch. A.Odrušová, Mgr. art.D. Dzurňák